Wish to sell your home online? Follow this guide!

Nowadays, a large part of selling is done online. 95% of homebuyers use online tools to search for the best house. So whether you’re working with a real estate agent or handling the sale on your own, use social platforms like a pro to get the information you need to sell your home online.

List on Major Real Estate Websites 

When you’re planning to sell your home online this should be the first thing you must do. Most buyers will shop on reliable websites and use such sites as the primary resource for searching houses. Consider listing your property on more locally-oriented sites. You or your real estate agent can post the listing, but if a real estate agent does the listings it will be extra marketing for you. Few sites will charge a fee to list, but it’s worth it. There are some sites that allow free listing, ask about the services they offer before signing up.

Take Detailed, Attractive Pictures 

If you post your house listing with high quality photos it may attract the buyers more quickly. A picture is worth a thousand words right, so enhance the look of your house by taking quality images. This will allow the buyers to see the entire look of your home without having to drive out. Buyers don’t waste the time on houses that end up sounding better than they look, so post the pictures which adds visual proof of your claims in terms of your home’s quality.

Hire a professional photographer and make sure the photos are detailed and pinpoint the home’s special features, such as a basement, pool or your nice hardwood floors. Cover photos from different angles of the major rooms in the house. Make sure the house is clean and looks nice before taking pictures.  Remove the furniture in the shots so that you can show the house better and could potentially look like it for the buyer. Declutter and take off the personal items to give the buyer a more neutral canvas to imagine their own belongings in.

Write Effective Descriptions 

The attractive listing descriptions can generate more interest in your home. Get ideas by going through the listings of similar houses or other houses in your area to see how they are being presented. Most real estate agents will write the listing for you, but you also ensure whether they have provided the right information about your home. The information provided in the description should have the basics, as well as the best aspects that make your home stand out. Include if you have chimneys, fireplaces, special flooring, gardens and special plumbing or lighting features. If you make improvements then it can improve the value of your home to buyers.

Share on Social Media 

Share a post that you’re selling your home on social media. Do your listing around the web to get exposure, some may be interested to buy your home if the listings, pictures, price are perfect. Share your post on a big platform to attract the audience. Many cities have their own Facebook and other social media pages where they will allow the residents of their area to post queries, home listings, etc. 

People will post questions on these pages about home-buying opportunities, and use this platform to market your home. Post video of your home or even do a live stream, which could attract more buyers. If your real estate agent has already set up posts on these sites with your listing, the like and share, and encourage your friends to like, spread the listing around.

In today’s market, most buyers begin their home search online. A strong online presence will help you sell the home quickly and at the best possible price. When hiring an agent, make sure that they’re aware of modern online marketing practices.